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About me

My name is Peter Berta. I was born in Salgótarjan, Hungary, in 1978.
I finished my studies in Budapest as an architect. Since my childhood I have loved bows and ever since I can remember, I have made a bow of everything which was flexible, and also which was inflexible. It was at the age of 24 that I started horseback-riding, archery and traditional horseback archery.
During my research related to bows, I got to know the sculptor, Ferenc Csurgai who is known for his special bows which combine the bow-making style of the time of the Conquest with 21st -century technology.
Mr.Csurgai was awarded The Hungarian Art Shape Design Prize in 2001 (earlier called Industrial Shape Design Award) for the development of the "Hungarian Bow" product line.
In 2008, I started making and developing unique bows with the support of Ferenc Csurgai.


Our ancestors represented the pinnacle of their time’s material engineering and technology. In our times, however, epoxy, fiberglass and carbon fiber are the state-of-the-art materials. Therefore, I have easily embraced the idea that “what we need to follow is not our ancestors, but instead what they followed”. That is how I took a step in the direction of modern bow manufacturing: old materials have been replaced not only by carbon fiber, but epoxy resin, fiberglass and other special quality wooden materials. The bow that was typical of the time of the Conquest has been transformed to 21st century technology while preserving its recurve bow quality.
Besides ensuring perfect operation and functionality, form, aesthetics, proportionality and details are of primary importance when designing bows. The shapes are never for their own sake, instead, they are shaped by functional needs. Not a single detail of the bows are mannered, but the forms and the raw material are determined 100% by the purpose.
All the bows that I make are unique, personalized and solely hand-made for individual orders. They are not mass-produced and not reconstructions.
My motto is “the inspiration source for my bows is the spirituality of our ancestors.”